ASTM E2026-07 Standard – Seismic Risk Assessment of Buildings

The ASTM E2026-07 Standard Guide for Seismic Risk Assessment of Buildings is one of the standards used for assessing the risk of a building for damageability and losses during an earthquake. The ASTM E2026 Standard outlines scope of work for various seismic risk assessments, including five different types of seismic risk assessments (building stability, site stability, building damageability, contents damageability, and business interruption) as well as degrees of assessments varying in comprehensiveness (Level 0 to Level 3).

The ASTM E2026 Standard was originally published in 1999 (ASTM E2026-99 was called the Standard Guide for the Estimation of Building Damageability in Earthquakes) with the most recent revision being published in 2007 (now called E2026-07, “Seismic Risk Assessment”). Another seismic risk assessment standard was published in 2007, the ASTM E2557-07 Standard.